Why have a run of the mill wedding when you could experience something new and exciting? With IGVR you can dazzle your wedding guests with memories that will last a lifetime. Dance on a beach. Moonwalk on the moon. Say I do in “Paris” and toast on the Eiffel Tower. All in the comfort and class of your venue surrounded by all your loved ones. Love is endless and so are the possibilities with IGVR. Contact us so we can design your perfect wedding experience.


IGVR is the newest method of team building and has been proven to boost morale of employees. Top companies utilize IGVR and the vast medium it provides to take their corporate venues to the next level. Whether it’s making a “boring” board meeting into an exciting, anticipated event to making your next company party unlike anything you’ve seen before. Company training, relaxation, and motivation. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a fun and uplifting IGVR experience for your next work event.


Imagine being on the dance floor with all your favorite dancers. Or dancing to Thriller with MJ in the actual music video. Your wildest fantasy can become a reality with Interactive Games Virtual Reality. Become the envy of all your friends with all new custom IGVR games specifically designed for your Mitzvah. Once your experience IGVR music to the max on the dance floor, you will never be the same. Contact us for the ultimate IGVR Mitzvah to remember.


Take your entire birthday party to a theme park and ride a roller coaster. Or sing happy birthday at the Grand Canyon. Party hop next to zombies. Mash up music right on the dance floor. Or slice your birthday cake like a ninja. You can make your wildest dreams come true with IGVR. Contact us to book your next epic party today.


Imagine it’s Fourth and goal with seconds left. You are the quarterback and this is the final play. Do you throw a touchdown, score and win the game? Of course you do with IGVR, where your greatest sports fantasy becomes reality. Impress your friends and live the excitement. Compete to see who is the best. Make your next fantasy draft party the coolest ever. Period. This is one of the main reasons they designed IGVR in the first place. So hit that homerun and knock your next sports themed party out the park. Contact us to experience your sports dream.


Anything you can imagine can become a IGVR virtual reality interactive experience. Become a superhero and save the world. Travel across the universe and back. Pump up your adrenaline with daredevil stunts. Reach out and explore. Take a vacation from your life. Fly into the future. With IGVR the future is now. Let us know what exciting things you want to do. We can make your endless imagination into Virtual Reality.